Launches, Connecting Land Owners and Hunters With Powerful Tools


DALLAS — Reserving private hunting land used to mean committing to lease terms of months, a year, or longer. With the launch of, that has changed overnight. Those looking for land to hunt can now quickly get in touch with private land owners to make convenient, short-term arrangements, like using an Airbnb for hunting.

Land owners have far more control than with traditional hunting leases, too, listing their properties for free and being able to restrict hunting as they want; rate, review, and interview hunters; and approve or deny each applicant as merited. Now online and accessible to both hunters and land owners, is quickly transforming the world of private-land hunting.

“We’re happy to announce that is now fully functional and serving visitors,” representative Mark Hebert said, “Initial response from both hunters and land owners has been incredibly enthusiastic, and we are confident that is going to grow quickly. We invite anyone interested to stop by and see just how easy it is to list land or arrange to hunt on it.”

Hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities of all in the United States, with an average of around 17 million people participating at least once in any given season. Most hunting nationwide occurs on public lands like national forests or other government holdings, but this is not always possible or desirable.

That is particularly true in some of the states where hunting is most popular. In Texas and Oklahoma, for example, less than five percent of all the extant land is publicly owned and accessible, greatly restricting the opportunities of this kind that are available to hunters. Whether because of these challenges or for other reasons entirely, hunters around the country have long sought to make special arrangements with the owners of appropriate plots of private land.

Just as with leasing property of any kind, though, these agreements have traditionally required quite a bit in the way of commitment from those who entered into them. That has left many hunters looking for better solutions, with property owners often doing the same. was founded to directly address these needs. In a way analogous to popular “sharing economy” companies like Airbnb and Uber, the new service connects land owners and hunters, making it far easier to set up mutually rewarding arrangements.

Instead of needing to commit to long, expensive private land leases, hunters can join for free and immediately start searching for appropriate properties. A powerful, easy-to-use filtering system makes it easy to search by game type, pricing, location, available dates, and other traits, allowing for the quick, affordable reservation of short-term hunting rights.

Landowners are catered to just as well, enjoying far more power and flexibility than with traditional leasing arrangements. Owners can research the backgrounds and ratings of hunters who express interest in their property, in addition to setting the terms of each hunt as to allowed game type and any other requirements. An owner looking to solve hog problems, for example, can easily tailor a listing to that goal, instead of being forced to give over complete control of a property to a long-term lessee.

The brand new service is now online and serving all visitors. With the fully functional site already providing great value to users, the site’s operators have plenty of improvements planned for the near future, too.

Giving land owners complete control over short-term hunting arrangements and making it easy and convenient for hunters to secure places to hunt, offers free registration and land listing, powerful search, filtering, and rating systems, and a range of educational resources.

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9 Lessons Learned: Camping

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Canvas Wall Tent Whether you wanting to go hiking or vehicle camping with your family, a tent is the ideal portable shelter. Your canvas tent won’t just give security from the climate and keep out the creepy crawlies, it can correspondingly make you feel more at home in nature. With such an arrangement of diverse brands, models and sizes to browse, picking a tent can be exceptionally overwhelming. Unmistakably you would lean toward not overspending on features you do not actually need. Then again, you would prefer not to wind up with something that won’t address your issues. Purchasing a new tent is a major investment, yet in the event that you take proper care of your canvas tent, it ought to last for a long time. The essential concern to consider is the size of the tent. The size is measured as to what number of people it will fit. Remember that language is viewed as a person. This implies picking a greater tent. Sometimes tents are not high and you may think that it’s uncomfortable if you can’t stand up inside. The lower tents are lighter to carry which may be more essential than the inside space. On the off chance that you are tall, guarantee your tent is satisfactorily long for you to rest, or consider getting as a tent one size bigger so you can lie at an angle. Your canvas tent is being utilized outside so it is going to get filthy. While they are designed to be anything besides hard to clean and stain resilient, cleaning it will prolong its lifespan and make it look smarter. For any dried earth and debris utilize a brush to uproot the dirt. By then you can utilize a cleaning items followed by warm water to clean the canvas.
The Essentials of Tents – Revisited
If you haven’t camped before in a tent, you may not know that it is so terrible to get up in the morning to everything being damp in the tent. Your clothes have touched the sides of the tent and now they are wet. You’re bedding is wet and condensation is everywhere. That is the reason ventilation is essential. Search for canvas tents that have ventilation accessible with the rain fly on. Look for a well-placed set to minimize the problem of condensation.
What Do You Know About Resources
While picking a canvas tent it is imperative to be honest with yourself about how often you will utilize it. A good canvas tent will be there for a while and adapt to your changing needs, in any case it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of cash if you simply camp once in awhile.

Exercise — A Necessary Portion Of Cancer Remedy

Working out is useful to almost every aspect of an individual’s life. It offers a particular person a lot more strength plus increases the feeling besides the outcomes it’s got on muscle and adaptability. Even though these are known facts, new research is showing that working out can also have a crucial reward for malignancy sufferers. Individuals affected by cancer are usually instructed to add light to moderate physical exercise to their everyday routine to further improve their frame of mind. The groundbreaking study implies that this could also increase the strength of cancer prescription drugs. So far, the studies have simply been executed on laboratory rats nevertheless the effects are appealing. In this particular research carried out at Kansas State University, exercising was demonstrated to improve the flow of blood, in addition to the necessary oxygen, into the location of the tumor. In lieu of allowing the cancerous growth to expand, it actually slowed down its process. Like this link displays, scientists suspect that tumors are more inclined to mestastasize whenever oxygen to them is restricted. It is possible to click this link to read more regarding the important groundwork. Physicians have recognized for many years that there are really not any adverse reactions linked to average exercise. Getting up and moving around increases the o2 levels throughout the entire body. Right now folks may be able to slow up the development of cancers tumors simply by being much more energetic. At this stage, it seems that this activity may help conventional treatments work better yet a lot more analysis could even discover that malignancy sufferers can count on fewer prescription drugs just by working out more often. Another review carried out at Duke University discovered that working out really helped bring back breast muscle to its typical state. More scientific studies are necessary to learn the best way physicians can make use of these discoveries to help their clients. Presently, it seems that presenting cardio exercise into a treatment plan might be able to help the medications do greater in people with cancer. The professional medical network is continually producing advances in terms of cancers and surviving numbers are growing every single day. While medicine is an important part in the general treatment plan, all-natural procedures like working out in addition to wholesome eating are proving to generally be essential to favorable effects.

Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

As men get older, their testosterone levels tend to decrease, leaving them less interested in sex, moody, and feeling tired. A doctor can prescribe testosterone shots, gels, or patches to increase testosterone levels, but this can cause side effects, including a potential increase in heart disease risk, hair loss, breast augmentation, shrunken testicles, and acne. Natural low testosterone treatments may be a better option for some men to try first.

Check Medication Side Effects

Some medications can increase the risk for low testosterone levels, including anabolic steroids, prednisone, fentanyl, OxyContin, and MS Contin. If taking these medications, a doctor may be able to adjust the treatment plan to limit the risk for this potential side effect.

Limit Stress

People who are under a lot of stress have high levels of a hormone called cortisol, which interferes with the production of testosterone in the body. Take steps to relax and limit time spent doing activities that are stressful.


Both strength training and cardiovascular exercise can help increase testosterone levels as long as a man doesn’t go overboard. Very high activity levels, such as those maintained by professional athletes, can actually decrease testosterone.

Lose Extra Weight

Being obese or overweight can cause testosterone levels to decrease, so losing weight can help get testosterone levels back up to normal. Don’t go too far, as being underweight can also decrease levels of this hormone.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Not getting plenty of sleep can wreak havoc on hormone levels, leaving men with lower than normal testosterone levels. Make sure to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night to get these levels back up to normal.

Dietary Changes

Make sure to eat plenty of foods containing healthy monounsaturated fats, such as those found in nuts, avocados, olive oil, and fish. Too little fat can decrease testosterone levels. Also, limit alcohol to no more than one to two drinks per day to prevent potential decreases in this hormone.

Consider Supplements

Some herbal or micronutrient supplements may also be beneficial for maintaining healthy testosterone levels, but check with a doctor before taking them to make sure any supplements you’re considering won’t interact badly with any prescription medications you may be taking. Oats, fenugreek, forskolin, tongkat ali and tribulus terristris are also supplements that may be helpful.

The Countless Functions of a Common Kitchen Item

Everywhere you turn, you could be discovering the health benefits of using black cumin. Actually, quite a few contemplate black cumin as the solution humans have been looking for any time they need something for managing all forms of diabetes, most cancers, bacteria infections, viruses, long-term inflammation, stomach problems and more. Actually, black cumin remedies have been around in use for hundreds of years at present, yet many people are not aware of these seeds. This seed functions as a possible antibacterial, antiviral, bronchodilator, analgesic and much more. In ancient times, Greeks made use of the seed for treating tooth pains as well as mild to severe headaches and now people being affected by bronchial asthma and also allergic reactions find that they reap the benefits of its use. This product is easy to make use of, because many already have it in their kitchen and use it as part of their regular cooking. It does even more than simply address medical ailments, nevertheless. Black cumin can be used for beauty applications also. Black cumin can be used in pill form. With frequent use, individuals see their locks not to mention fingernails become stronger and a lot more shiny. Furthermore, the seeds help to treat eczema and psoriasis and people can obtain a product which has the seeds inside it or perhaps make their own. The skin cream helps with skin ailments and burn injuries, and moisturizes your skin even while reducing joint pain. With regular utilization, the appearance of lines and wrinkles minimizes also, that consumers will definitely love. People who suffer from listlessness or even nervous tension discover utilization of the seeds minimizes the symptoms and dads and moms typically make use of this product to help remedy colic for their infant. Acne benefits from the utilization of the seeds plus the same holds true of the loss of hair. It doesn’t matter what condition you might be struggling with, black cumin seeds may be of help. Since the seeds could also be used for cooking, you might already have this remedy in your own home. If not, pick some seeds up right now. Once you see how they could be of help, your home will never be missing this amazing merchandise ever again. Actually, you may find brand new functions for the seeds which you were not mindful of and you will wish to share your knowledge together with family and friends.

The Pill Known to Reduce Large Bosoms in Men

It is obvious that some women have embarrassing hang ups about having a very large bosom. That is understandable. However, as odd as it may seem, there are a lot of men with the same problem. This problem is known as gynecomastia. The term simply means a man who has a large bosom. The condition onsets when the male has become extremely large to the point where the bosom increases. It also can be caused due to an estrogen imbalance, which is the hormone that enhances female characteristics.

There are a few ways of dealing with the problem of gynecomastia. One can take the long way home, doing plenty of exercising and dieting until the goal is reached. One can have surgery to alter the appearance. A third option is to take a pill called Gynexin. However, being in the pill and capsule category, suspicions are naturally brought about. One website offers an article on Gynexin reviews. The article addresses whether or not the pill actually works or is it a scam like so many other pills on the market.

The pill known as Gynexin is to be taken by mouth twice a day, and is said to correct the problem of gynecomastia within three months. A couple of the ingredients in the pill that most would recognize are the green tea extract and caffeine. Chromium picolinate is a lesser known ingredient, but is the agent in the pill which increases the metabolism. Sclareolides is perhaps the most potent ingredient in the pill, as it increases the level of testosterone, the hormone that produces the masculine traits. When the pill is taken as prescribed, with eight ounces of water, it is said to reduce the fatty tissue around the chest.

The only known drawback to this pill is the fact that currently, you can only order it online. However, it is the least expensive choice when you consider the options of surgical procedures such as liposuction or breast reduction. No known side effects have been detected or listed for the Gynexin pill. If you would like to get more information on the pill or make a purchase, you can visit their website,

Best Prices for Golf Shirts

I am going to start golfing with some of my friends, even if I am a bit reluctant to do so. I am not very good at golf and I don’t want to embarrass myself. It seems like a sure thing though, so that is why I said that I am reluctant. I am going to look to buy some cheap polo golf shirts to where when I am golfing as I do not really have any clothes that are good for golfing, and I would like to try to look the part when I am out there.

To be honest, as far as my part goes, the only reason I really care about golfing is that it is an excuse to hang out with my friends and drink some beer. I would not say that to them, or to my wife. Continue reading

Using A Vaporizer Intended For Healthcare Needs

A brand new craze in smoking is vaping, which happens to be smoking with an ecigarette rather than smoking the original way. This will allow a person to manage to smoke without the unsafe negative effects because of the smoke. In fact, e cigarettes will not develop smoke at all. Alternatively, they just make a water vapor that quickly disperses into the air, getting rid of the second hand smoke as well. Because of the success and also overall health benefits associated with vaporizing cigarettes rather than smoking them all, a lot of people now expand this to weed also.

According to a vaping marijuana an interview with the vaporizer blog, vaporizing cannabis lets you enjoy each of the health benefits associated with smoking medical marijuana with no smoke and the aroma you would have in the event you smoked it the more common way. It’s also much easier to customize the quantity you are able to process at one time, so you’re able to be sure you will be getting the volume you will need with respect to your medical care instead of having to estimate. It’s very user friendly and lots of people see it’s a way they can smoke exactly what they have to without other individuals knowing what they’re smoking or the reason why.

If you’re thinking about vaping cannabis can tell you more about the way it may be very theraputic for your health. You can even learn to begin and ways to utilize a vaporizer for your personal smoking demands. This way, you can order the merchandise you need and next begin quickly. Before long, you’ll be able to smoke every time you have to without worrying about the aroma or smoke you’d probably otherwise have. Additionally you will not have to be concerned about food preparation with it so that you can utilize it when you are not at your own home.

If you are thinking about understanding more about just how a vaporizer will help you, you might want to read an interview with Janet Fox from vaporizerblog at at this time. There, you can learn exactly how vaporizing functions, just how simple it is to get started, plus more of the health benefits linked to it. Then, you are able to discover a vaporizer you want as well as begin vaporizing your personal medical marijuana rather than having to smoke it or even cook using it. Read through the interview right now so you are able to begin now.

Easy Money from Online Soccer Betting

If you love to watch a soccer game, you may consider joining a certain game that involves money and soccer. You are right. We are talking about the online soccer betting. It is not just about a fun time during the game watch. It is more like doing business using the soccer game. Although we all know that it may a little bit risky to play gambling in a soccer game, you can actually put easy money on it so that you do not have to worry if you lose it. However, if you want to play it right exactly what it’s supposed to be, you can start to sign up as a member. In addition, you can also build a strategy to make you feel much better at placing the bet.

How to Build a Strategy in Online Soccer Betting

Online soccer betting is not just about predicting the numbers. It involves your ability to analyze the game and the strategy that each member of the team has. In that case, you will have to make sure that you are having enough knowledge about soccer so that you will not get confused in placing the bets. One thing that you should know about soccer betting is that they are actually quite predictable. You can do a little research about the previous game for each team and then make some predictions about the game that they are going to play.

Some of you may think that it is quite difficult to predict the winner of the soccer game. However, if you already have many experiences in soccer games, you must have much information concerning the team that you are about to bet. You can start by looking at the team history and then make predictions about what they are going to have in their next game. In that case, you will have to update all news from the team. You will have to know who the strikers are and who the defenders are.

It is important for you to know this because you can determine the team’s power based on the players of the team. In addition, you will also need to do the same thing to the other team. Make some predictions of the team’s ability. Try to analyze the numbers and the total score that they possibly have. Do not forget to consider any other possibilities that may happen on the field during the betting.

After you have made a research and prediction about the game, you can start to determine the number. Make a small range of numbers so that you can have only a few selections for your final score. In that case, you will be quite sure about the bet and you can put it on until the game is over.

Soccer Motivation- Do you have what it takes

Training sessions can be wet and very cold. Don’t you think it’s easier to stay at home and sit in front of the television with the heaters on?

Soccer without a shadow of a doubt is the world game. The beautiful world game is played by millions of all ages, shapes and sizes. But can you really be bothered? Do you only play soccer when you find it convenient?

Don’t get me wrong here; soccer is a great sport to play. But do you actually know why you play the game?

Do you want to one-day play professionally? Do you play for fitness? Or do you participate so you can socialize and make new friends? All reasons are valid and each to their own.

The next question I’d like to ask you is how do you stay motivated? When it’s freezing outside and raining, how do you actually motivate yourself to attend? Motivational levels will vary significantly from individual to individual don’t you think?

A player that is looking to play in Europe will need more motivation than a player that is just passing time. It’s important to remember that a player that has a contract and gets paid will need to attend training while the social player can decide whether to train or watch Friends repeats.

Soccer motivation is directly related to your ambitions and goals.

If you take soccer seriously than it’s a good idea to set small attainable goals. If you have an objective training seems necessary and provides a stepping-stone towards your goal. If you commit yourself to small tasks you become motivated and the weather or conditions will not hold you back from training.

Once you achieve and attain your small goals you can progress and fry bigger fish. With the attainment of your goals comes renewed motivation and hunger to achieve more. While the other players contemplate training, your desire and tasks will have you pumped up for each training session irrespective of conditions.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. But you need to establish the reasons why you participate in soccer. Not everyone is chasing that elusive million-dollar contract are they?

If you are, the best way to stay motivated is to record and monitor your progress. With every little achievement comes momentum. With momentum comes hunger. So what are you waiting for? Put on your wet weather gear and get out there and train.

Let’s be honest, who has not admired the titans of soccer and been inspired to set course by those stars? What youth has not dreamed of becoming a superstar? Soccer Mastermind is a site dedicated to soccer motivation and everything soccer. Come and join us.